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So, you're ready to get your Internet life more organized. We think we can help.


Are you buried in email? Would you like to have all of your contacts and appointments available anytime and anyplace? How about sharing photos, documents, notes and schedules with family, friends and colleagues?


Like a lot of people we struggled with all of these problems, so we did something about it. We built StratoVista, a whole new way to organize and manage all of your stuff.


StratoVista runs on your computer, like Outlook or Lotus Notes, but it provides powerful features that they don't. For example, StratoVista gives you full "in the cloud" access to your data through Google's Services.


We love Google - Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Notebook, Blogger, Picasa and more. All great services and they're free!


Now you don't have to choose between living in the cloud or on the desktop  - now with StratoVista you can have the best of both worlds.