Video Demos


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These demos are intended to demonstrate some of the potential applications of StratoVista. We will be periodically adding more examples on this page in the future. Use them as a guide to help you formulate your own ideas on how to get the most out of StratoVista. Of course you should also take full advantage of the video tutorials and the online StratoVista User Manual that are also provided on this site. We would also very much like to hear about your ideas about how you use StratoVista to organize your Internet information and welcome suggestions on how to improve it.

The Busy Business Traveler Demo (click here to start the demo)

In this demo we'll demonstrate how a business traveler, or any traveler for that matter, can utilize StratoVista to organize and mange business travel information such as air, car and hotel reservations as well as meetings, client company information and presentations to be given at these meetings. The following subjects are covered in the tutorial:

  • Creating Topics and Events using confirmation emails from travel providers.
  • Assigning different colors to specific emails in your inbox.
  • Sorting emails based on a combination of sender and subject text strings.
  • Adding contact information to Topics.
  • Creating bookmark Events.
  • Creating Topic bookmarks.
  • Creating Channel bookmarks. ***
  • How to Create, Copy and Move Events on any of the Topic Time-lines. ***
  • Creating appointments. ***
  • Creating notes.
  • Creating Events using document files.
  • Using Time-line navigation tools like the Mini-Calendar.
  • Using the Floating Tabs to see summaries of specific Events. ***
  • Publishing Events to Google Calendar and opening Google Calendar in the Preview Window. ***
  • Accessing Events on a browser-equipped handheld device. ***

*** New features found in StratoVista but not found in Noah.